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Are Wireless Earphones Dangerous?

Almost every one with a smartphone owns a headset, earpiece or wireless earphones. You might have wondered if the device plugged in your ear can cause any health issues in the long run or just straight up explode once you turn them on. The truth is simple, yes it can but don’t panic yet, we’ll be trashing out why and how these issues start and how they can be avoided. First of all, here are some tips you might want to know for better understanding.

Q- What is the highest safe sound for the human ear?

A- Sounds below 85 decibels are considered safe for the human ear. So when listening to sounds above this threshold it can cause hearing problems.

Q- What is the highest decibel an earphone can produce?

A- An earphone can produce maximum sounds from 85 to 120 decibels. Some smartphones are programmed to give a warning when the sound output is above a safe range.

Most people undermine how loud an earphone is, mostly because of noise from the external environment. If your earphones were playing in a very quiet environment, you will be able to hear it even if they were placed a few feet away from you.

The only way earplugs can damage your hearing is if you listen to them at unsafe volumes for a long period of time. It is also risky if you use them all the time every single day.

Can Earphones Explode?

In short?…yes. Although this event is quite uncommon, only wireless earphones can explode.

But relax, don’t fling those Apple earbuds out the window just yet. Exploding earphones are scary to imagine but there is a solid reason why this event occurs, so maybe by understanding the reasons, you’ll understand how to avoid that scenario.

Why Do Ear Phones Explode?

Remember, only wireless earphones can explode. This is because of the Lithium Ion (Li-ion) the batteries have. That being said you have to know this, almost every device that has a battery can indeed explode.

Lithium batteries power your headphones and give them power to standby for hours. Explosion only occurs when one cell short circuits and overheats other cells. Now don’t get the statement wrong, an earplug explosion is micro scaled, so small it just looks as if it merely catches fire and not really explode. This can also be very dangerous.

The major things that can cause your earphone to short circuit are;

  • Manufacturer fault
  • Overcharging
  • Exposure to high temperatures
  • Use of faulty/wrong charger

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Wireless earbuds just like every other electronic device are not dangerous but they can be once certain rules are broken. So at all times, you best listen to music at safe sound limits and if you’re listening at a higher volume, try to minimize listening time to give your ears time to heal. Also as for exploding earphones, remember to use the right charger, never expose to high temperatures and most importantly avoid cheap unbranded earphones. Ear damage if serious might have no means of recovery so be cautious of the earplugs you use and the way you use them.


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