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Best Power Banks to Buy In Nigeria 2021

Its no news in Nigeria today, power supply has always been a problem, this has made almost every Nigerian decide to own a power bank. There are very few top class areas in Nigeria that can boast of a steady power supply, coming from a Nigerian it truly saddens but hopefully soon it will all change.

The lack of electricity in most areas in Nigeria has led to a high demand of generators and even a higher demand of power banks because it is more affordable and easier to maintain unlike solar panels and generators that need petrol.

We need power banks to be able to charge mobile devices on the go. In Nigeria today 3 out of every 5 Adult owns a portable power bank, due to this rise in demand there has also been an influx of fake power banks, so its hard to figure out which one is original and which is fake. (“and by fake i mean, imagine getting a 20,000mAh power bank that can’t charge a 3,000mAh android phone to 100% even once, yeah that’s how bad it is”).

Here is a list of the top 10 most trusted brands producing portable power banks of various capacities in Nigeria.


Without a doubt Oraimo is one of the best accessories brand in Nigeria. They are also one of the most popular. their products range from chargers, earplugs, headphones, wireless air pods, USB cables, smart watches, power banks and much more. Oraimo is the Global Exclusive Accessories Partner of TECNO, Infinix & itel all owned by Transsions holding company which is based in China.


This might probably be the most popular phone accessories/electronics brand in Nigeria, i personally use New-Age and i recommend it. New age has a variety of products. It first became popular with their chargers and usb cables, then due to their quality they made and trust they gained from their customers, all new age products introduced to the market quickly became trustworthy.

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Romoss, although the name in Nigeria is not as popular as that of New age or Oraimo, Romoss is one of the best brands when it comes to power banks, mainly tech savvy people would prefer Romoss to others because of their cool features like fast charging up to 18watts, Romoss is also one of the oldest brands around.

4. FIL

Personally Fil was the first power bank i ever used, although as at then it was just a mere 6000mAh i bought, it was really Good, charges fast and is also recommended, Fil is also very popular and has been around a while, like others it also provides many phone accessories and electronics.


Well, I don’t think this brand needs any introduction, Samsung is one of the most popular companies in the entire world and when it comes to android phones, it could easily take first place. This is due to their high quality (“and expensive”) products, Samsung is known for their quality so it doesn’t matter what you’re pitching to a buyer, be it a TV, Phone or powerbank, as long as its Samsung it will surely be considered as one of the best.


Ankers just like all the above mentioned products are known for producing more gadgets from mp3 players, headsets, and much more. People who have used Anker power banks left nothing but good reviews.


Some other badass power banks brands that live up to their quality are;

  • Amazon
  • Ten Fly
  • NITE
  • Xaiomi
  • Rohs
  • Firman
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