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Top 10 places to buy fairly used phones in Nigeria

Buying and selling Fairly used phones have actually become a very lucrative business in Nigeria. Sometimes you want to buy a phone with very specific features then you take your phone and check the price in your online store just to find out your way below the budget. Then you start thinking of alternatives just to realize you can get the fairly used version of that exact phone for a cheaper price. So now you’re thinking where can i find fairly used phones in Nigeria? keep reading, we have you covered.

Major points you should consider before getting a fairly used phone

  • They could be stolen– This point usually get people in trouble the most especially when its a very expensive phone worth being tracked. The reason most people avoid fairly used phones or second hand phones as we like to call them, is because they are usually stolen phones. This has gotten numerous innocent buyers into trouble with the police.
  • They can have major faults– Yes, it is no news that the regular fairly-used-phone vendors always sell faulty phones to users. They find a way to neatly cover it up so the buyer will not notice any faults until the purchase is made. Good luck asking for a refund.
  • You could end up buying a fake or refurbished phone– Make of the fairly phones you see are not original. Imagine an infinix phone with an alcatel panel using a samsung battery.(Exaggerated but yeah, That’s how bad it is)
  • Most available phones are outdated– Another issue is the fact that most fairly used phones are simply outdated, after all there is a reason the former user sold it.

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Best place to get fairly used phones in Nigeria?

There are very popular standard locations that guarantee you cheap fairly used  phones and you can have rest of mind that they will be original. There are also places(Local) you need to keep an eye out for scammers and fake products if you buy from them. The only advantage of these local places is that you wont see a cheaper price elsewhere. Lets take a look at 10 of them;


Jiji is a nice website for buying and selling almost all kinds of products. You can get new phones, refurbished phones and second hand phones on Jiji. The best part is, you can buy from people closest to your location.


Olist is also a buy/sell site just like jiji. You can find new or fairly used smartphones at very cheap prices, other products including properlies like lands can also be bought on Olist.

Computer Village(Lagos)

Every Nigerian at must have heard about computer village located at Ikeja, Lagos state, Nigeria. Computer village is mostly the source where most tech shops in Nigeria buy their accessories. There are sayings like “if what you’re looking for is not in computer village, its not in Nigeria” or “You can’t get it cheaper anywhere else”. those statements are 90% true.


Also located within computer village in Lagos, it’s official site is usedphones.ng. You can place your order for imported fairly used phones, this reduces the stress of finding a place yourself when you get there. Usedphones.ng can be found using google maps.

MTN Phone Market(Portharcourt)

If you stay at Rivers state, Portharcourt, surely you know of the popularly named “MTN ZONE”. It is called so because it is located beside MTN office at oil-mill bustop Portharcourt. This area is the computer village of portharcourt. You can get almost any kind of phone at mouth watering prices. You can also find spare parts and repair phones there.

Garrison round-about(Portharcourt)

This is the second most popular place to find all kinds of fairly used phones, some even brand new. It is located as Garrison round about opposite Spar, Portharcourt, Rivers state. Although this are is known more for Laptops and Desktops than mobile phones.

Tetlow Phone Market(Owerri)

Located at Tetlow, Owerri, Imo state. Every state has its major area where you can get fairly used phones and laptops and for Owerri, there is no better place than Tetlow.

St Michaels Phone Market(Aba)

St Michaels is located in Aba, Abia state. There you can find cheap phones and laptops to buy at numerous shops within that area.

Important Tips To Remember When Buying a Fairly used phone in Nigeria

  • Don’t go alone if its your first time in that location (JJC)
  • Watch out for thieves and hoodlums lurking because they’re always there
  • Don’t follow anyone making any claims, go straight to the shop you intend going to.
  • Ask for legit outlets before going
  • Try going with someone with more experience
  • Test everything about the phone/Laptop before payment
  • Double check and make sure everything is working
  • Stay alert at all times
  • Keep your valuables at home
  • Always ask for a receipt

Remember these tips and you’ll be fine, is there any other place you’ll like us to include? please tell us using the comment section below.

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