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How to build a successful YouTube channel in 2023

65% of individuals use YouTube to look for solutions to problems. You frequently resort to YouTube tutorials when Google cannot give the information you need or when you want something more visual.

This is because YouTube is the second most popular search engine. It’s logical for any tech-savvy adult to be lured into learning how to build a YouTube channel, given the massive growth of the culture of video blogging.

After all, it’s a rewarding and social pastime that can make you a well-known online personality. It also helps you make new friends and obtain free products from businesses.

It also serves as a means of making a respectable life. However, suppose you want to become a YouTube success story, gather a steady stream of followers, or at the very least, produce high-quality content that generates a fair number of views and likes.

In that case, you’ll need to do more than sign up as a paying member of YouTube. A few critical factors target the content and postings of the most popular YouTube channels.

To rank among the YouTube channels with the fastest growth, paying strict attention to your process, audience, analytics, and SEO is critical.

The following advice will help you make the most of your foray into vlogging and content creation. First, it’s easy to create a new YouTube channel.

It’s important to note that a Gmail account makes linking your new channel to your email address easier. First, let’s set up a YouTube channel for you. Follow the following steps:

  • Sign in YouTube
  • On the desktop version, click your photo in the top right corner.
  • Select “Create a Channel.”
  • Choose whether to create a custom channel name or use the name connected to your email account.
  • Fill in the “about” section with further information.
  • Utilize a cover photo and a profile picture to personalize the appearance of your channel.

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Having followed these steps above to create a YouTube Channel, you may want to know how best to build your YouTube channel. The steps are elaborated on below:

How to build a successful YouTube channel in 2023

It’s time to lay the groundwork for building a successful channel on YouTube now that your YouTube account has been created. You can waste time and money if you don’t comprehend these stages as a novice.

The first step to creating a YouTube video is learning how to do it. After that, it would be best to amass the necessary tools, get comfortable using them, and start crafting polished content.

 1. Choose a suitable channel name

The perfect name for a YouTube channel should have your name or business name on it and possesses a phrase or term that classifies it.

It should also be straightforward to say. For instance, many of YouTube’s most popular content producers, including Casey Neistat, Michelle Phan, and Peter McKinnon, who invented the recent vlog, go by their names.

2. Select the proper niche

Calm down; this is simpler than selecting a channel name. Why? Because you can modify your content niche, unlike death and taxes.

You might believe you have enough passion for a subject to produce hundreds of hours of content. But you’ll know when the going gets complicated and you don’t feel like getting up early to record another video about it.

So before changing your focus, decide what your channel will be about. Still, you risk alienating whatever audience you’ve previously created.

To choose your niche, consider these questions:

  • What am I doing when I lose track of time?
  • What topic could I occupy my friends for hours with?
  • What do I look up, watch, or study online in my spare time?

3. Post Videos Frequently

Maintaining consistency with your uploads is another critical piece of advice. As it is when you launch your podcast, you must continue to distribute your videos, regardless of how imperfect you believe your content to be.

To let their viewers know when to check back, some YouTube channel owners produce videos at least once or twice a week and inform them of this schedule (often at the end of each video).

This increases a channel’s likelihood of obtaining a constant stream of viewers. This is particularly true when it has a significant number of active subscribers.

To choose the ideal time to publish to YouTube, keep in mind to check the Audience tab of your Analytics data for information about your audience.

Then, once you’ve established a schedule that suits you, follow it religiously. In no time, you ought to be getting better and better attention!

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4. Increase content variety with YouTube Shorts

You can connect with more casual users on the site using YouTube shorts, a recent addition. YouTube shorts are often shot in a vertical orientation and are 60 seconds or less long for simple smartphone watching.

They are intended to offer a comparable experience to Instagram Reels and TikTok posts. Suppose you want to experiment with adding YouTube Shorts to your channel.

In that case, you have two options: create entirely new content for the 60-second time limit and vertical orientation or compress existing longer YouTube videos into a shortened or preview form.

The YouTube app makes it simple to record a short, or you may publish pre-made content as a new short post.

Your channel may be discovered by viewers who appreciate brief, neatly edited content through your shorts and may be motivated to watch your other videos.

Remember to invite visitors to follow your channel so they may be notified every time you upload a new short!

5. Make Room For Improvements in your video

The well-known YouTuber Ali Abdaal says, “Your first video will suck.” So instead of making every video “the best,” he advises aiming to create one modest improvement each time.

For example, try out a different title sequence, some background music, or a different editing program.

Over time, the incremental adjustments improve your channel without being overpowering.

6. Use pertinent keywords in the video descriptions and titles

Like Google, YouTube is a search engine, except all results are videos. Using keywords, the YouTube algorithm can better grasp what your video is about, increasing the possibility that it will appear in the “suggested” section among related videos.

Due to this. your chances of attracting new viewers are improved. Use phrases with two or more syllables to help people, and YouTube understands your subject, such as “house tech,” “drawing tech,” and “smart home.”

Keep it simple here; one term in your title is plenty. Plus: Make it brief.

According to studies, titles of videos with fewer than ten words perform best in YouTube search results; 81% of the top-ranking videos fall within this word count.

More significantly, try for a title length of more than 60 characters, or roughly 8–10 words (with spaces). Only the first 60 of your allotted 100 characters appear in search results.

For the same reasons as mentioned before, keywords are crucial in descriptions. Use 1-2 keywords to describe your video in the opening few paragraphs briefly.

Appropriate keywords for social media trends in the video description.  There is no range to the number of keywords you can use; the maximum character count is 500. So, at most, use 7–10 keywords.

 7. Configure the channel tags

Channel keywords serve as broad descriptors for your channel, informing YouTube of your primary subject matter. Although the titles and descriptions of each video are crucial for your total YouTube SEO, setting them up only takes a few seconds.

  • Click Settings and then Channel in YouTube Studio.
  • In the YouTube channel settings, enter the keywords.

8. Create intriguing video thumbnails

What draws them in is your thumbnail. Based on that, they’ll judge whether your film is worth viewing in a split second. Unfortunately, one thumbnail image might take some designers up to two hours to create.

It would help if you aimed to make your thumbnail so compelling that viewers won’t need to read the title to understand the video.

Since Art with Flo’s thumbnails are consistently branded with the same color scheme and aesthetic, users can quickly identify their tutorials in search results.

Here are some pointers for designing thumbnails:

  • If they are appropriate for your topic, use icons or logos.
  • Keep your text brief.
  • Depending on your brand, include artistic aspects to capture attention, such as hand drawings, neon lights, etc.

9. Examine your data analytics

It would help if you traveled back in time to move forward. No, by checking your YouTube stats at least once a month instead of with a Delorean.

In YouTube Studio, go to the left-side menu and select Analytics. Overview of the audience, reach, and interaction metrics for YouTube channels.

 Key KPIs to understand the performance of your channel include:

  • Subscribers: This includes the unsubscribers.
  • Best vids More of what your audience wants should be provided.
  • The number of channels seen should increase every month. Not? Reevaluate your content strategy.

Once you satisfy the standards for eligibility in the YouTube Partner Programme to monetize your video, you may also investigate demographics and other information, including ad revenue figures.

10. Discover the Best Video Gear

 You can distinguish yourself from other YouTubers by having clear audio and video in all of your videos. Investing in the correct equipment is the first step in starting a successful YouTube career.

You could wonder, “Is it profitable to start a YouTube channel?” while you plan your equipment purchase.

You’ll discover that you have plenty of chances to make money if you make wise choices and put forth the effort to produce excellent material.

Using your smartphone to start vlogging is undoubtedly permissible. Still, it helps to spend money on the correct tools if you want viewers to love your material.

Most YouTubers use DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and other crucial videography equipment like tripods, lenses, and studio lighting.

A mirrorless or action camera, a decent monopod, or a portable gimbal stabilizer is usual gear essentials for individuals who typically vlog while on the go.

But remember that a friendly vlogging camera is not necessary for success. Your viewers may lose interest in your videos after the first few seconds and refrain from subscribing to you if you disregard other factors like audio quality and lighting.

Purchase a quality camera-mountable microphone and invest in it. At the same time, please pay attention to your recording environment and make it a practice to determine whether your audio is understandable to your audience.

For example, use a shotgun microphone primarily designed to gather sound from the front for the best results so that noise from the sides and behind the mic may be eliminated.

Some vloggers even go so far as to purchase multiple microphones for various recording scenarios.

For example, you might need a good condenser mic (or any mic frequently used for podcasting) if you want to do apparent voice-overs when shooting fitness videos or other types of videos that require you to be far from the camera.

11. Perfect your introduction

Your YouTube video’s opening moments must pique the interest of your viewers, or they may go on to another video. The finest YouTube video introductions make it easy for viewers to grasp what they’re about to see and pique their interest.

Consider providing viewers a sneak peek at what they’ll learn if your material is uplifting or informative to entice them to watch all the way through.

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 A massive potential audience and one of any social platform’s most lucrative content monetization programs make YouTube the place to be for budding video creators.

Fear that it’s too late? Nearly two-thirds of Americans who visit YouTube daily also do so every month (98%). Every minute, users stream 694,000 hours of video.

However, it is not oversaturated; there has never been a better time to launch a YouTube channel. So start now!


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