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Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn in 2023

You wouldn’t say you haven’t heard of programming languages like Java, Python, Etc.

However, if you don’t know a programming language, you don’t need to search further, as this article highlights the top programming languages to learn this 2023.

What exactly is a programming language?

A programming language is a notation system for writing computer programs. It is a means of communication between programmers (developers) and computers.

To generate machine code or, in the case of visual programming languages, graphical objects from string values, programming languages use a set of rules.

Over the past few years, computer programming has become popular. As a result, many IT positions nowadays require a thorough understanding of multiple programming languages. 

However, if you want to advance or change careers, you may wonder which programming language to learn. You should make the best decision possible because learning the language will require you to invest time and money. 

You may need to examine several factors before selecting your choice. 

These factors include;

  • Your motivation
  • The degree of complexity you’re willing to take on
  • Any prior programming language experience

The Best programming languages to Learn in 2023

This article will examine the ten best programming languages to learn in 2023. This list will also include the specifics of each language, its complexity, and usage methods. 

The following is a list of the best programming languages that are important this 2023:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3.  Go
  4.   Java
  5.  Kotlin
  6.  C# 
  7.  Swift 
  8.   R 
  9.  Ruby
  10.  C and C++ 

1. JavaScript 

JavaScript is a high-level programming language key component of the World Wide Web. 97.8 percent of all websites utilize it as a client-side programming language.

JavaScript was initially used exclusively to create web browsers. Still, it is now utilized for various purposes, such as server-side website deployments and non-web browser applications. 

Previously known as LiveScript, it was created in 1995. However, because Java was a popular language then, it was marketed as the “younger brother” of Java.

Instead, JavaScript grew into a fully autonomous language over time. Nowadays, JavaScript is sometimes confused with Java; although there are some similarities, the two languages are unique.

Javascript is the world’s most widely used programming language and is in high demand among many organizations. Every year, the average Java developer earns roughly $112,152.


Intermediate to Advanced

Required Abilities

HTML and CSS specify the content and layout of web pages.


Platform-independent (desktop, mobile, and web)

Popularity Among Computer Programmers

The world’s most popular programming language


  • Simple to learn and apply
  • It can run immediately within the client-side browser and is used everywhere on the web
  • Decreases the load on the website server


  • Different browsers can interpret it differently, making cross-browser code challenging to write.

Usage Level

  • widely used; extremely applicable

Annual Salary Forecast

  • $112,152

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2. Python

Python is among the famous programming languages today and is simple to learn for beginners. 

Python is a free, open-source programming language with a large community, comprehensive support modules, an easy interface with online services, user-friendly data structures, and GUI-based desktop applications.

Also, it is a well-known programming language in machine learning and deep learning applications. It creates 2D imaging and 3D animation applications such as Blender, Inkscape, and Autodesk.

It has also been employed in developing popular video games such as Civilization IV, Vegas Trike, and Toontown.

In addition, Python is utilized by famous websites such as YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as scientific and computational applications such as FreeCAD and Abacus.

Its developers earn an average annual salary of about $109,092 per year.


  • Python allows a newbie to become productive immediately.

Required abilities

  • Problem-solving and abstract reasoning


  • Web and desktop

Popularity Among Computer Programmers

  • Gaining popularity all the time


  • Flexible
  • Easily and intuitively readable
  • Official lectures and documents that are highly regarded

The downside of scripted rather than compiled code

  • It does not begin with programming fundamentals (renowned for abstracting too many crucial fundamental notions)


  • Growing in popularity in both technical education and corporate applications

Usage Level

  • Coding skills are widely employed; they are used in both technical education and business.

Annual Salary Forecast

  • $109,092

3. Google Go

    Go was created in 2007 for APIs and web apps. Because of this, Go has recently become one of the fastest-growing programming languages.

    Due to its simplicity, adaptation to multicore and networked systems, and capability to handle massive codebases, Go has recently gained notoriety as one of the programming languages with the fastest growth.

    Go, commonly called Golang, was developed to satisfy the requirements of programmers working on significant projects.

    Due to its straightforward, contemporary structure and well-known syntax, it has become increasingly popular among numerous large IT organizations.

    Google, Uber, Twitch, Dropbox, and many other businesses use Go as their programming language. In addition, go is becoming increasingly known among data scientists owing to its agility and performance.

    Go engineers can make up to $260,000 annually, with an average income of $141,654. 


    • Introductory to intermediate

    Skills Required

    • If you know at least one other programming language, learning it won’t be difficult; if not, all you’ll need is time and a willingness to study.


    • Agnostic, primarily desktop

     Programmer popularity status

    • Though more well-liked than Java or Python, it has been gaining popularity.


    • widely regarded as a “minimalist” dialect 
    • Simple to understand Transparent code

    Compatible Fast Downside

    • No generics (which could lead to more code being written than in other languages); very minimal support for libraries; The Go development community could be more active and helpful.

    Size of Use

    • Used extensively, especially for Google applications (developed at Google)

    Projected Annual Salary

    • $141,654

    4. Java

      This general-purpose programming language, owned by Oracle Corporation, has become a standard for programs that can be used regardless of the platform (e.g., Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.), thanks to its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) features.

      Java is renowned for being cross-platform, working on everything from smartphones to mainframe data centers. Java-built applications are currently used on more than 3 billion devices.

      Big data, as well as online and application development, use Java extensively. Several well-known websites, like Google, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube, also employ Java in their backends.

      It is also widely applied in countless applications. It is also widely applied in countless applications. Popular new Java frameworks include Spring, Struts, and Hibernate.

      There are thousands of ways to learn Java, and there are millions of Java developers globally. Additionally, a sizable online community of Java programmers who help one another solve issues.

      Although Java is a more complex language to learn, skilled developers who know how to code in Java are in high demand. 

      The annual salary of a Java developer is approximately $109,225.


      • Intermediate

      Skills Required

      • Problem-solving skills and understanding of object-oriented architecture


      • Web, mobile, and desktop

      Favorite Status Among Programmers

        • One of the most well-liked things ever, in high demand


        • It is a fantastic place to start if you wish to learn how to code and think like a programmer.
        • For any reasonably complex and contemporary program that can run on any operating system, you can access and alter the most crucial computer components, such as the graphics, file system, and sound.


        • There are numerous new words to learn, and the language is more advanced.

        Projected Annual Salary

        • $109,225

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        5. Kotlin 

          A general-purpose programming language called Kotlin was created and introduced by JetBrains as Project Kotlin in 2011.

          In 2016, the initial version was formally released. Functional programming languages are supported, and it is compatible with Java.

          Development of Android, online, desktop, and server-side applications all make heavy use of Kotlin. People who use Kotlin are persuaded by its claim to be superior to Java. The majority of Google’s applications

          Kotlin is the foundation for the majority of Google’s software. Coursera, Pinterest, and PostMates are a few businesses that use Kotlin as their programming language.

          Kotlin developers may expect to make up to $171,500 a year, with an average salary of $136,000.


          • Advanced to advanced

          Skills Required

          • Previous knowledge of programming languages, especially Java


          • Mobile, desktop, web, and server

           Among Programme popularity status

          • Becoming more common; used for Android applications


          • less coding-intensive than languages like Java;
          • comparatively simple to adopt
          • full Java compatibility 


          • Variable compilation speed; Kotlin lacks static keywords
          • Size of Use

          Annual Salary Projection

          • $136,000

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          6. C#

            C#, a programming language created by Microsoft, became well-known in the 2000s for supporting object-oriented programming ideas.

            It is among the most popular ones for the.NET framework. C++’s designer, Anders Hejlsberg, claims it is more comparable to C++ than Java.

            Because it uses Microsoft Visual C++, an integrated development environment, C++ works best for software on Windows, Android, and iOS.

            Several well-known websites, including Bing, Dell, Visual Studio, and MarketWatch, use C++ as their backend programming language. Earnings for C# developers average $111,760 annually.


            • Intermediate

            Skills Required

            • A fundamental understanding of programming


            • Cross-platform software, including mobile and business software

            Popularity Status

            • Comparatively well-liked, but not as comparatively well-liked, but not as well-liked as Java, its main rival.


            • Fast 
            • Easy to use
            • Object-oriented
            • Updateable and scalable
            • Able to communicate with other codes
            • Free software
            • A big library


            • Less adaptable because it is dependent on Microsoft.Poor X-platform GUI and the Net Framework

            Size of Use

            • Approximately one-third of software developers use it; it is essential for Microsoft developers

            Projected Annual Salary

            • $111,760

            7. Swift

              Swift was among the top 10 programming languages in the TIOBE Index list of popular programming languages a few years ago. In 2014, Apple created Swift for Mac and Linux software. 

              Swift is an open-source, simple-to-learn programming language supporting nearly all Objective-C’s features.

              Compared to other programming languages, Swift is easier to learn and can be used with IBM Swift Sandbox and IBM Bluemix.

              Popular iOS applications like WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, SoundCloud, and even the game Flappy Bird use the Swift programming language. The average annual salary for developers of iOS applications is roughly $106,652.

              It is still a young language with limited third-party tool compatibility and no support for prior iOS versions.


              • Introductory to intermediate

              Skills Required

              • Willingness to follow readily available tutorials; no prior programming experience is necessary


              • Specifically, Apple iOS apps for mobile

              Favorite Status Among Programmers

              • Increasingly common, especially among Apple iOS app developers


              • Comparatively simple to learn
              • Tidy syntax
              • Lower code
              • Quicker than programming languages of the same level
              • Open source disadvantages

              Size of Use

              • Frequently employed while developing iOS applications for usage on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

              Projected Annual Salary

              • $109,652

              8. R

                 The open-source language R is an alternative to the S language. Most of the code that programmers create for S executes unchanged on R.

                Applications created in R are used to process statistics, including testing, calculation, visualization, and analysis for both linear and nonlinear models.

                In addition, applications written in R may process structured and unstructured data and connect to various databases.

                Compared to other languages in this article, R has a moderate learning curve and is more difficult for novices to take up.

                On the other hand, R has an active online developer community, like other open-source programming languages, which is always a bonus when learning new coding techniques.

                R developers typically get a yearly salary of roughly $90,940.


                • Intermediate

                Skills Required

                • It is simpler if you are already familiar with Javascript or Python. Still, it is advised for those with a strong mathematics foundation.


                • Generally desktop

                Favorite Status for Programmers

                • Not nearly as known as it once was, mainly because Python, a competing language, is becoming increasingly well-known.


                • Free software
                • great assistance with data management
                • Various packages are offered. 
                • Ideal for: Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS
                • Featuring Linux, Windows, and Mac OS compatibility
                • best for applications involving machine learning


                • Objects are kept in physical memory, which can be resource-intensive, insecure, and slower than Matlab or Python.


                • Commonly employed for analytics

                Projected Annual Salary

                • $90,940

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                9. Ruby 

                  Ruby is well-known for being a straightforward language to learn, so it would be an excellent place to start.

                  It was created in the 1990s to have a more pleasant syntax while maintaining object-oriented flexibility that supported procedural and functional programming notation.

                  Ruby on Rails (“RoR”) is a web application framework built in the Ruby programming language. Ruby programmers laud it for being a simple language to write in and for the comparatively quick learning curve.

                  Due to these qualities, Ruby’s sizable developer community is becoming increasingly popular among new developers. A Ruby developer has an annual income of about $121,000.


                  • Starter – For web developers, Ruby and Ruby on Rails have developed to be incredibly well-liked.

                  Skills Required

                  • Having the ability to solve problems and think abstractly (to see what application users want to see)


                  • Web

                  Favorite Status Among Programmers

                  • On the ascent


                  • Flexible
                  • There is no need for a specialized “vocabulary” to get started, making the syntax deemed Simple to read and write.
                  • Enforces ethical
                  • Ensures proper programming etiquette


                  • Most rarely used

                  Projected Annual Salary

                  • $121,070

                  10. C and C++

                  C is the predecessor of various programming languages like C#, Java, and JavaScript and is likely the most well-known and oldest programming language.

                  One of the most known used languages in the world is C++. 

                  An improved version of C is C++. Nowadays, a lot of developers bypass learning C on their own. In contrast, others believe that knowing C first gives C++ development a solid basis.

                  Both languages are widely used in programming and computer science. Because C and C++ programmers have access to compilers for a wide range of platforms, the portability of the applications they create is generally high.

                  In addition, C and C++ are regarded as high-performance programming languages. They are, therefore, frequently used in building applications where performance is a crucial factor.

                  As a result, they are frequently used for creating client/server applications, commercial products like Firefox and Adobe, and video games where performance is a crucial concern.

                  On average, developers working in C and C++ make $118,366 annually.


                  C – Advanced to Intermediate 

                  C++ – Beginning to Advanced

                  Skills Required

                  • Skills in problem-solving and computer basics. 
                  • Understanding computer operations like memory management is advantageous since C and C++ are designed for low-level administration of computer resources.


                  • Desktop, embedded, and mobile

                  Favorite Status Among Programmers

                  • C++ migration has been more prevalent than that of C.


                  • C is a low-level (hardware) programming language used to master the basics of programming.
                  • C++ enables far greater “control” than other languages
                  • More “control” is possible with C++ than with other languages.


                  • C- C’s stricter coding style and less user-friendly language have a higher learning curve.
                  • C++ is a little harder to learn and use effectively than C (and even more complex than Java)
                  • Size of Use:

                  Annual Salary Projection

                  • $118,366

                  In conclusion, as described above, the programming languages are at the very top of the rack. Learning one of these is a great way to start your career as a programmer.

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