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How To Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

Even the most affordable Android devices have a median price tag of $254. Also, the average cost of an iPhone has risen to a startling $687. 

It is wise to note the best methods for extending the life of your smartphone rather than waste money by updating yearly or paying a monthly leasing cost. 

Thankfully, there are several options, and using the following steps will aid you in getting the most for your money.

Upgrading is less tempting due to the high cost and lack of game-changing new features. Keeping the same phone is advantageous for several factors and is unquestionably more sustainable. 

Let’s look at several ways to maintain your smartphone’s performance and lengthen its lifespan.

8 Tips to make your smartphone last longer

1. Delete or clear unnecessary apps and files

Removing unused programs and files can improve performance, as well as wearability. Your phone can instantly look better by clearing up storage with comparatively little effort. 

Determine storage hogs, such as new videos, images, and apps. Apps that have only been used once are frequently more prevalent than apps used often among users. 

Moving or deleting video files, which might be huge, is an option. Video files can be extensive; if no longer required, they can be transferred or destroyed.

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2. Turn off the power periodically

We frequently use our phones throughout the day, rarely allowing them to rest completely. When you turn off your phone’s RAM, any open apps, and memory leaks are cleared

It is advised to do this once every week, turning it off after a minute before turning it back on.

3. Purchase a case and tempered glass screen protector

A scratch on your phone’s screen might be annoying. Oddly, selecting a screen protector has grown to be particularly challenging due to the infinite variety of options and sizes. 

You need to locate a useful, durable, and suitable one that works with your phone. Tempered glass protects screens and offers drop protection; however, it is not everyone’s favorite.

A protective case protects your phone from a variety of dangers in a similar way. Choose a case that encloses the phone’s back, sides, and corners for the best defense.

A tempered screen glass protector is an excellent purchase to lower your risk of a broken screen significantly. 

However, if your phone’s screen cracks before taking preventive measures, check into repairs rather than purchasing a new one.

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4. Choose a smartphone with a good repairability rating

Repairing or even replacing some devices’ batteries requires a lot of work. Even the most basic repairs can be challenging with some phones because the covers are stubbornly glued or need specialized equipment.

However, other gadgets are a lot easier to use. These models include replaceable batteries and modular parts and don’t need special tools to assemble.

Before you purchase your next phone, think about repairability and follow the advice provided by the manufacturer’s manual.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Google Pixel 5a, which obtained a six ranking, are rated highest among the smartphones with a 2021 release date. 

The 2019 Fairphone and the 2015 Fairphone 2, both receiving a 10 rating, are the overall top scorers for repairability.

Before battery performance degrades, the typical iPhone battery can withstand 500 complete recharge cycles, according to Apple. 

This typically lasts between 8 and 16 months, depending on how frequently we use our phones.

It is normal to think about getting a new phone when the battery dies, but if your phone is still functional and the battery can be changed, resist the urge.

If necessary, swap out the battery. Having a smartphone that has a poor repairability score might prove challenging. While some storms are tough to replace, others are relatively straightforward.

 Find out if it fits your skill set by doing some investigation. 

5. Refuse the urge to upgrade your phone 

Numerous mobile phone providers entice you to buy a new phone by giving discounts, simple payment plans, or even insisting that you must.

Find out how soon to update your phone even if you do. For instance, AT&T informed customers of the need for equipment updates 1.5 years in advance. 

Other businesses have informed clients that they need a new device. Still, when pressed, a supervisor would respond that they didn’t.

6. Use the best charging techniques to keep the battery in good condition

You don’t need to be concerned about overcharging your battery if you leave it connected for a long time. 

Even if that myth is untrue, there are some activities you undoubtedly do every day that shorten your phone’s lifespan and damage its battery.

To make the most of your smartphone, you can put it on the charger when the battery life reaches 75%.  Its capacity to receive and hold a charge will significantly reduce if you wait until the battery life is only 25%. 

The battery will last only when you constantly charge your phone at 25%. In reality, the battery will only perform at its peak for 500 charges if you continuously charge your phone at 25 percent. 

However, if you use the charger at 75 percent of its capacity, you will receive up to 2,500 ultimately charged charges. 

It’s also critical to remember that it’s not a good idea to completely discharge your battery before fully charging it again. 

Charge your phone intermittently during the day, which will last much longer.

7. Keep your smartphone secure when driving

Your phone can be beneficial when traveling by automobile because it has a navigation system. However, it would help to be cautious about where to put it. 

You run the risk of having the smartphone tossed through the car in the event of an accident if it isn’t correctly fastened at all times.

This easily damages the phone’s delicate circuitry. Unfortunately, your warranty is unlikely to provide coverage for this kind of problem.

8. Avoid malware and infections

Even though malware or viruses seldom infiltrate smartphones, you should still take security measures to safeguard your investment. 

Do not download anything that sounds dubious because rogue apps are where viruses originate. 

Suppose a new app causes your phone to behave strangely. Check its data consumption to see whether it might transfer information to a third party.

If you have an unprotected device, it is also feasible for virus-filled apps to be installed without your consent.

Be advised that the only way to remove a virus is to reset your iPhone or put your Android in safe mode and then delete the malicious app.

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Benefit from cloud storage

One of the simple methods to prevent your phone from becoming overloaded with data is through cloud storage. By doing this, you can manage a compact, lean device and reduce the possibility of data loss if something goes wrong. 

For the most significant outcomes, use any free cloud storage provided by your smartphone and regularly perform backups.

You may stop spending money on annual or biannual subscriptions now that you understand how to get the most out of your smartphone.

Knowing how to maximize your smartphone allows you to quit spending money on yearly or biannual updates. You can even take it further by considering other strategies to lower your costs. 

Remember that your financial decisions today significantly impact the quality of your life.

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